#Augustbreak2013 my #fave thing(s) 29.08.2013


Photo: CanadianKate

I don’t have one ‘fave’ thing. I have many. This made the challenge for 29 August very difficult! In the end, I decided to do a collage of thing(s), people and places that I love as representations of wider areas.

  1. My OH. Obviously I love him.
  2. Photography. I’m not great, but I love taking pictures and trying to see the world a little differently. I’m becoming more confident in whipping out my camera to take random shots – this monthly challenge has really helped with that!
  3. Reading. I have always loved reading. While I’m currently reading candy for the mind (Kim Harrison, Karen Chance etc) I love dropping out and immersing myself in a different world. Hopefully post thesis I’ll have the ability to read more than drop-out fiction.
  4. Climbing. I adore it. It’s part of me;¬†even though I never will attain the grades of Alex Puccio, Anna Stohr¬†and Shauna Coxsey, I still love where it takes me and the feeling of achievement.
  5. Mountains. I grew up near them. I love being in them. I love travelling. Sometimes, when I’m brave, I love riding down them. I do like cycling up them.
  6. Outside. Some of my happiest memories are of being outside. Hiking, running, swimming, cycling, sleeping, sitting, just being.