Challenge November Day 25

Breakfast (09:05)
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November Challenge Day 17

Breakfast (08:15):

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November Challenge Day 16

Breakfast (09:00):

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Challenge November Day 15

Breakfast (08:30)

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Challenge November Day 14

…It’s been two weeks into the venture and looking over my meals I’ve noticed the following:

  • I’m not that hungry in the mornings. Usually my coffee, and yoghurt/seeds/sultanas set me up for the morning
  • I’m inconsistent about lunch. Often I have it very late, and when I’m already really hungry but I’ve stopped snacking so much between my meals.
  • The evening is when I graze. I think this is a mix between boredom and also not having as ‘big’ a meal as I perhaps should. Maybe I don’t realise how much my body needs fuel.
  • If I wanted to cut out anything that was ’empty’ food, it would be the beer and wine during the week.
  • Since eating slower, I am getting more satisfaction and satiety in my food. This is especially the case for breakfast and lunch.

Looking back at Rebecca’s advice, I think I need to focus on the context in which I’m eating for the next couple of weeks. I’m recording what I eat quite well, and how much, but not the triggers, and my energy levels. Continue reading

Challenge November Day 11

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Challenge November Day 10


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