once again i’m managing to make up things to procrastinate doing. like this. and other things as well. i’ve been on every forum that i’m a member on, read lots of blogs, played with the cats, cleaned the kitchen, updated endnote and generally done everything but write!

i had a horrible dream last night. i dreamt that i recieved my results for the last essays that i wrote and they were low. like 24% in international environmental law. so suffice to say, i’m not in the best mood to write things today.

we went for curry last night with RG, NA and some other people. it was a lovely meal. everyone got along, and people took the piss out of me and AC for talking as if sprocket was our child. in some ways he is, but luckily we don’t have to send him to university.

anyway, i suppose i should be editing my thing to send it to DF rather than writing on here.


Easy? My ass…

EndNote – Bibliographies Made EasyHa! so so so not easy that i’m totally confused. i don’t get how to footnote anything or do anything useful after spending a whole day fannying about! anyway, it means that i really have to lock down and do loads of work tomorrow.

all i can say is that they are really efficient at getting the bloody thing to me. i only ordered it yesterday.

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nothing is going right!

oh god today is such a nightmare. i’m just going to bullet point it:

  • completely reinstalled windows and office xp as computer going south
  • lost all my citations for my dissertation
  • computer stopped working for much of today
  • totally can’t face working and feel shite about it.
  • have meeting with supervisor on friday and haven’t done much for it at all. actually that is a lie. i’ve worked my ass off, but don’t feel like i’ve got anywhere and then lost all my citations so while i have the informaiton, thank god i haven’t got the complete references anymore. and before you think that i was being sloppy, i had backed it up! but evidently not in the way that zotero expects me to.
  • gave up and bought endnote for £88.00

this really really really sucks.

chocolate muffins and the library

i’m working much more in the library now that the place only holds post grads. the undergrads have left and its so much quieter. mobiles don’t go off (unless i leave mine on) and there really isn’t anyone to disturb me. unfortunately, it also means that i get deathly bored. but that is probably a good thing as i’ll *hopefully* do more work. who knows.

anyway, in other news, not very much has happened. i’m leading stronger.

i spoke to my dissertation supervisor and have to write a literature review and basic introduction for the end of june. its really difficult, as my area is very wide in context but quite narrow in specific. i don’t really know where to start, or what i should be reading. i guess that is what the lit review is for, really.

work on saturday was very busy due to the poor weather. its been raining pretty much all week, a bit like last year. we took a fair amount in the shop and then, that evening, AC and i went out for TB’s birthday meal and ate a very large amount. i felt a bit ill due to the amount that i ate. the next day, we tidied the house and then went for a ride. my saddle was fairly loose and the winds were hitting about 50 mph, so we only did ladybowers little boys route rather than ladybowers big boys. hopefully this weekend we can do langsett again and faster. my brothers are coming up so it really does depend on what time they leave on sunday.

i was reading the news today, over my coffee and came across this:

its a rather telling story about a little boy who was infected with HIV/aids by his doctors, knowingly. his mother was then infected by breastfeeding him. apparently there are many such little children in the former USSR who are infected through corruption and the failing health service. its interesting that we don’t really hear about these children. instead the main focus is mainly on the children in africa.

on other news. i’ve been finding my way around flikr. my friend, megan has started using it. these are some of her shots. check out her profile:


anyway. my coffee is done so i’ll go and do some work.




well, lots has happened since i last wrote – i don’t even know when it was!anyway. we went to Burbage South and i led a route called Fox House Flake. i was so excited and terrified at the same time. it was really really slabby and i wasn’t going to fall off of it, but it would have been uncomfortable to fall if i did. AC got pretty burnt, so i had to spend the next three days rubbing after sun into his back. i handed my essays in and then slouched for three days on the couch watching movies.

we went to london for the weekend and i got battered. met up with AC’s mates who have a lovely apartment and had sushi. i don’t think that i would want to live in london. its really expensive and i don’ think that the crowds and stuff would keep me sane. it would probably do the opposite and send me over the edge.

i’ll probably write more. but have a deadline for my dissertation meeting which is tomorrow.


editing is so much more fun than the writing bit. unfortunatley, i still don’t think that its going to be a particularly good few essays and i really need to get on with my dissertation. as long as the essays are in the 60%s i don’t really mind.we had a great bbq for our joint birthdays. AC excelled at making booked meat on the bbq

and i generally ran around like a headless chicken making sure that people had enough food/drink and generally were having a good time.

anyway, suffice to say, i was totally knackered.

Socks and Barney

I absolutely love this comic strip (is that what you call them? online comics?). This one possibly isn’t as funny as other versions, but i still think he has a point.

Socks and Barney | The Daily Online Comic for Political Animals

I’m still not entirely sure why Clinton is in the running. although in some ways i don’t particularly care. its not me who lives in the country and has to put up with crack pot american politics. but then i remember that who runs the US has lots of implications on the rest of the world so we really have to pray for a sensible president. do those two words even go together?

I’ve been reading Bill Bryson‘s A walk in the woods. its a great book and i can’t hardly put it down. unfortunetaly i need to because i really should finish my european union health law essay. its due in about ten days time.

So on that note, i’ll continue to read my journals that are patiently sitting here, waiting for me to absorb their knowledge into my pea sized brain.

so anyway, if you get a chance, check out