September Travels – Basel

[This post is part of a series which records my road trip to Sicily during September. I took loads of photos, but have only included a few at the end of each blog post.]

I have been to Basel twice now and both times with my OH. He used to live there during university and now he has family there as well. I love Basel – it’s clean, friendly, safe, small and the trams run on time and actually work (although more on that in a moment). So, staying Basel wasn’t really a new adventure. It was more like revisiting a really nice place. We didn’t do all that much while we were there.

  • We visited the Rathaus (Town hall, Renaissance)
  • We walked around the Münster (Cathedral, Romanesque)
  • We looked over the river from the Münster and its northern Pflaz
  • We walked across the Mittlere Brücke (Middle bridge)
  • We walked along the river to St Johanns Tor
  • We watched the Tinguely-Brunnen (Tinguely Fountain ) for a while
  • We had to actually get off a tram because there was an electricity failure. I saw Basel grind to a halt. It was chaos!

This time, we also explored Arlesheim a bit more. We were staying at the Hotel Gasthof zum Ochsen which is an excellent 4* Hotel in Arlesheim, just outside of Basel. Last time we were there, we didn’t really explore any of the village. This was partly because my OH had epic food poisoning, and also because he wanted to revisit his student haunts. This time, we did explore it, and I explored a bit more by going on a lovely run up the valley.

  • We found a lovely walk around a Hermitage site
  • We found the ruins of Birseck Castle in the Arlesheim area
  • We walked around the outside of Domkirche (Cathedral Church)
  • I ran along the river and up past some vineyards on the sides of the valley
  • We drank some lovely local beer, provided free for the guests at the Hotel

I’m quite looking forward to returning to Basel. I would love to explore its surrounding area and simply chill out while there. However, the prices are exorbitant so I will probably have to save up for a while!


#Augustbreak2013 – The complete set (including the days I didn’t make)

I really enjoyed participating in the August break challenge. It was so diverting just when I really needed something completely different from work to think about! Looking back over the pictures, while some of them were taken during holidays and at previous points during my life, most of them were from this month. I think they show the variety of my experience and things that I do. I know, there are loads to do with cats, bikes, and climbing – but there are also pictures of flowers which I see on my walk to work; churches on the skyline and loads of other things!

I loved the creativity of this challenge so much, that I’d like to do something similar for September. Is anyone undertaking a challenge in September?

#Augustbreak2013 #Smile 31.08.2013


Photo: CanadianKate

This was taken after climbing a couple of months ago. I guess it was a good training session!

#augustbreak2013 #sign 30.08.2013


Photo: CanadianKate

This sign is in the changing room at the Climbing Works. It makes me happy every time I see it. It is part of a bigger mural with a tree. Im not a big fan of graffiti usually, but this one is sweet.

#Augustbreak2013 my #fave thing(s) 29.08.2013


Photo: CanadianKate

I don’t have one ‘fave’ thing. I have many. This made the challenge for 29 August very difficult! In the end, I decided to do a collage of thing(s), people and places that I love as representations of wider areas.

  1. My OH. Obviously I love him.
  2. Photography. I’m not great, but I love taking pictures and trying to see the world a little differently. I’m becoming more confident in whipping out my camera to take random shots – this monthly challenge has really helped with that!
  3. Reading. I have always loved reading. While I’m currently reading candy for the mind (Kim Harrison, Karen Chance etc) I love dropping out and immersing myself in a different world. Hopefully post thesis I’ll have the ability to read more than drop-out fiction.
  4. Climbing. I adore it. It’s part of me; even though I never will attain the grades of Alex Puccio, Anna Stohr and Shauna Coxsey, I still love where it takes me and the feeling of achievement.
  5. Mountains. I grew up near them. I love being in them. I love travelling. Sometimes, when I’m brave, I love riding down them. I do like cycling up them.
  6. Outside. Some of my happiest memories are of being outside. Hiking, running, swimming, cycling, sleeping, sitting, just being.

#Augustbreak2013 #Smell 28.08.2013


Photo: CanadianKate

I was in the office early today and hadn’t had my morning cup of coffee. Breaking open the fresh packet of ground beans wafted the scent of roasted coffee around the room and that was soon added to by the smell of freshly brewed coffee. This is exactly what I needed after only getting 4 hours sleep the night before! I’m still not quite awake, but I’m getting there!

#augustbreak2013 #YES 26.08.2013


The feeling after working a move for ages and finally getting it: YES!!! Photo: CanadianKate