A trip to the Leeds Climbing Depot

After breaking myself cycling on Sunday, I wasn’t particularly psyched to cycle on the Monday. Truth be told, not that many of the group were either. We cleaned up the cottage, and decided to head to the Depot on our way back to Sheffield to break the journey. I haven’t been to the Depot for quite a while, so all the problems were going to be new and fun. And they were!

After warming up slowly – I was feeling quite creaky after Sunday – I started on the Pink circuit which was from the winter bouldering league. It started very easy at about V0 and went up to about V10 (F4- 7C+) and there were 30 or so problems. We got up to problem 18 and then started to get shut down (so about V4-5(ish)) and then moved on to trying other problems. I decided to try the V3-V5 circuit using natural wood holds. Surprisingly I actually flashed a couple too! I loved the name of the holds as well:

Crusher holds. Photo: CanadianKate

I think we climbed for a couple of hours all told. I felt really, really strong and was climbing smoothly. Granted I mainly climbed problems that suited my strengths rather than working my weaknesses but it was fun just to climb new things as both the Foundry and the Works haven’t re-set any circuits in my working grade range for a while. I can’t wait for the Wasps to be taken down at the Works!

Some stats:

  • Worked a number of pinks. Topped most up to about Problem 14, then took a couple of goes until Problem 17.
  • Played on the woody circuit. Topped a couple of them.