Recovery climb at the Depot Nottingham

It is safe to say that I didn’t really get up much of any note on Sunday. I was pretty wiped from cycling on Saturday – my legs didn’t feel that bad, but my core was pretty tired. I also wasn’t that psyched, even though we were going to a new wall. And I broke my trusty Contigo thermal mug so I was also coffee  deprived.

Anyway, I decided to try the league problems (the pink circuit) in the Depot Nottingham and got up to problem 21 before they go rather difficult. I’d like to think that if I was a bit fresher I would have done at least a couple more. However, I found that the foot holds were very slippy  (maybe because the Depot doesn’t have any carpet down and the chalk dust grinds into the plastic holds?) and often my foot pinged with no warning. My back was very sore as well, so I was reluctant to take many hits on it. That said, I did practice some dynos (probably not the best idea) and I really enjoyed the problems that I did try.

After about an hour I was pretty wiped so I decided to stop working the pinks and move onto some easier stuff. I did a couple of reds, some blues and some blacks. In the end I was just too tired so I packed up and watched Diane and some other people climb strong stuff.



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